Salysol launches the Retail line for supermarkets

Salysol launches the Retail line for supermarkets

Our company, specialized in snacks and nuts, has developed a new line aimed at the Modern Distribution channel: wider tins with more product for supermarkets.

Salysol’s new Retail line is composed by the top selling products of the company in tins of 99 mm and 250 grams, approximately, and vacuum-packed.

“With this new format, we want to complement the products that we already have, this Retail line is a product that is not for quick consumption, such as our minibar format”

The company explains: This retail tin “has a wider opening than usual and is accompanied by a reusable plastic lid”, they add. The Retail range is aimed especially at supermarkets: “until now, we did not have a tin that was correctly adapted to this channel. This also makes that our products can reach all kind of food channels. We have specifically designed some carton stands to get the line displayed in a more visual way ”, they assure.

Salysol, which expects to grow by 10% in 2020, made some renovations in its infrastructures the last year to locate its two new packaging lines, Nature and Retail, expanding its facilities by 4,000 m2 up to a total 12,000 m2. These two brand new lines are the only two new products that the company releases this year.

However, the company explains that “in Salysol we are constantly looking for improvements and products that are adequately adapted to all consumers, so we never close the doors to any change, as long as it is to improve what already exists.”